Served Territories: Nursing Jobs in Remote Areas

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Breathtaking landscapes, an intimate connection with nature, fascinating cultures and communities: Nordik’s served territories have even more to offer. You will find unique and exciting nursing jobs in these regions in need of quality healthcare, where your presence will make a big difference. We serve many types of territories: Consult the interactive map to see specific locations and available offers.

Canadian North

These First Nations lands include Nunavut and the north of provinces like Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. Travelling there normally requires flying. If you’re coveting the idea of mingling with tiny communities that are way off the tourist path, where family spirit and breathtaking landscapes are king and queen, the Canadian North is the right destination for you !

Northern Quebec

Most of the inhabitants of these communities belong to the Cree and Inuit communities. English is mainly spoken there as a common language, but some communities have their own language, such as Cree and Inuktitut. Only 8 out of 23 villages are accessible by road, and the others can only be reached by airplane. To move into the Québécois North means the discovery of a completely different side of the province and your integration into a community life where a whole village can become a second family.

Other remote regions

We group our other served areas under the label “remote regions”: There’s Abitibi, Gaspésie, Côte-Nord, etc. We offer many available positions in these areas: Check our interactive map for more information! These regions are accessible by road, and even if they are not as far apart as the Far North (Quebec or Canada), community spirit reigns just as much. Basically, it’s the ultimate destination if you want to stay “closer” to the city, but still enjoy the proximity of whales, hiking trails and community life!

As registered nurse and health professional, you have a number of possibilities: Which one will you choose ?

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