Aboriginal myths and culture

Working in the Great North is choosing a way of life where all your professional and human aptitudes will be put to good use and will allow you to discover the region where you will work. Its animals, the Aboriginal reality, its culture and all the myths related to it.

Aboriginal myths and culture

‘It’s no secret, the populations of the Great North are isolated & know certain social issues. However, it is a situation that does not put your physical integrity or your safety in danger. The Aboriginal people are not violent either, but rather benevolent, gentle and friendly. You will be surprised by their openness to others, their desire to exchange and to know you.

On a brighter side, the Aboriginal people are laughing, welcoming and warm. They are people with a slower pace than ours and who take the time to live. A rare commodity in our country.

Cultural traditions to discover

During your stay, you will surely be invited to their table to taste traditional dishes. It is very exotic to be able to eat game, like caribou stew for example. Depending on the season, the local cuisine adapts to the available products. Moreover, in some communities that use Facebook,the Aboriginals will suggest to you some of their dishes, usually inspired by their traditions, to taste. You will thus be able to make discoveries and become more familiar with the Aboriginal culture.

You’ll develop an unparalleled attachment to Aboriginal people through the smiles and gratitude you receive on each of your trips.

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