Health Care Professionals who Make a Difference

Community Nurse: A multitude of job opportunities

Globally, the health network is experiencing a labour shortage which is even more noticeable in remote areas. Teaming up with Nordik Premier Health is an opportunity to improve the medical conditions of these communities, one gesture at a time, with empathy, competence and passion.

Extended role training

You have a taste for the Great North nursing experience?  The extended role training provides you with all the skills necessary to be ready to deal with various problems in northern community healthcare clinics. No matter what your specialty or level of experience, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any eventuality.

Required Profiles

Nordik Premier Health mainly fulfils nursing positions in the Great North and remote areas.However, other professions are also in high demand such as Inhalotherapist, Psychologist, Psychoeducator, Physical Rehabilitation Therapist, Social Worker, Special Education Teacher and Nutritionist!

Nursing Positions

Most available positions in the Great North are for extended role nursing. However, nurse practitioners, clinical nurses, nursing assistants and orderlies are also in demand in other remote areas across the country. In the North, nurses primarily work in clinics; however, in other areas, you may work in hospitals and care units, or provide home care.


The bonds we forge with our professionals and the relationships they build between themselves are a determining part of a successful experience. This is how #IamNordik pride began: from a spirit of mutual aid, support and adventure !

Nordik Premier Health Difference

We are much more than a placement agency: our goal is to develop a trusting relationship with our professionals, to provide all the necessary resources for personal and professional growth and, above all, to offer individualized support.

Take your practice to the next level !

Working in the Great North and in the remote regions is an opportunity to diversify your practice and become fully autonomous. Do you feel ready to take the leap?