Northern Nursing Jobs

Health professionals: Curious and passionate adventurers in demand!

After a few years of practice you may feel like you’re going around in circles, and that you’ve seen and done everything. If you’re still passionate about being a nurse, but you feel that something is missing, you probably need a change of setting. Working in the Great North may be the solution! Be prepared to embrace the adventure and change your life, to enjoy a unique experience you’ll remember for a long time!

For those who have a taste for adventure

Working in the Great North, you’ll be able to escape the routine of daily life, grow professionally and discover people rich in cultural traditions. The Indigenous will be happy to share with you their rites and customs, while helping you discover little-known places that will delight the nature lover in you.

If you’re curious and open to trying new experiences in life, you will be extremely happy living in the North. Your practice will be far from routine as you’ll be exposed to complex cases and challenges. When they return from their trip, most nurses are amazed at how much they’ve grown personally and professionally. Caring for people is in their DNA!

Great autonomy with room for innovation!

In the traditional nursing setting, things are highly structured and governed by policies. In the Great North, you’ll find a much less rigid framework in which you can express who you are. It’s as if a host of new possibilities opens up to you.

Every day, you’ll put to use your knowledge in various specialties. You’ll have the freedom to take the initiative in your area of expertise. The Nordik Premier Health extended role training team will prepare you well. If you like working in a team while maintaining your individuality, the Great North is for you!

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Kindness and empathy at the heart of practice!

To practice in the Great North, you must have the ability to adapt to a new environment. It’s about being ready to see life in a different light, to forget the whirlwind of the city, to understand the tranquil way of life of Indigenous people, and to move at a slower pace. It also means exercising patients, improving medical conditions one step at a time. You’ll need to be empathetic, the key quality off a successful nurse.

Working as a nurse in the Great North requires that you be independent, caring and open-minded. If you have high stress tolerance and you want to develop your practice while discovering an endearing culture, you’re probably a good candidate to try the Great North experience with Nordik Premier Health !

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