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Expanded role training for the nurses,
a must in the great north

Our training in extended role nursing is tailored to meet the unique challenges of the Great North. Be done with the limitations of health care in urban centres! You will have the opportunity to diversify your practice and become completely autonomous. You will develop analytical thinking skills that will fully allow you to take charge of patients, provide treatment by following protocols, ensure follow-ups, and engage in teaching and prevention.

The trainers


Gabriel Lacoste Piotte

Social worker in Nunavik for the past 4 years


Catherine Gerbelli

Trained as a midwife and retired nurse who worked in the James Bay region


Anne Desrosiers

Registered Nurse who has been working in the Great North since 2015


Marie-Julie Lanoix

Nurse with 12 years of experience in the Great North (James Bay, Nunavik and Yukon)

The Training Process for Extended Role Nursing

March 2021

March 15th to april 8th 2021

May 2021

May 3rd to 27th 2020

The Training Process for Extended Role Nursing

Theory and Practice

Mornings are dedicated to reviewing all the systems of the human body. Afternoons are devoted to situational exercises to apply knowledge and become familiar with the established protocols.

Spotlight on the Great North

A discovery of the Great North, its cultures, possible work locations and the indigenous communities where dispensaries are established.

Orientation Session

One week before the beginning of your mandate, an on-site nurse will accompany you during your first shifts and with your first patients.

You will be autonomous following the training for extended role nursing. However, you will still be able to count on the support of another nurse or an on-call doctor!

Preparing for the Trip

Concrete preparations and technical details on what to bring, where you will be staying and an overview of your daily and professional life.

Other Available Training Courses

For all other health care professionals working in remote areas, we offer training and orientation to help you prepare for your new role and community.

Our support program includes the following components:

  • Spotlight on the Great North (or other remote areas)
  • Preparing for the Trip
  • Orientation Session (independent of location, as long as it’s your first experience).

Personalized and complete preparation for your mission

Four Week Course

A training program conducted over one month that covers all the necessary information. If necessary, Nordik Premier Health can arrange lodging accommodations if you live far from the training centre: inquire for more details!

Free training

In exchange for a four-week mandate (within three months of passing the final exam), which can be conducted at the location of your choice.

SOAP Method

This training is based on the proven and recognized SOAP method (Subjective, Objective, Analysis, Plan) for identifying and treating health problems.

I trust Nordik Premier Health. If something goes wrong, it’s easy to talk to an advisor, and action is taken quickly. Everyone calls you by your first name, they know you, they understand us, and we are part of a team !

Anne Desrosiers

Expanded role nurse

I didn’t arrive there with a particular vision of the Far North. I just went there with an open mind and tried to have the best possible experience. Five years later, my attitude allowed me to build wonderful relationships and have a great Nordik experience.

Gabriel Lacoste-Piotte

Social worker

It’s a human-sized company, where we are all really treated like people. We are chosen for who we are. They aren’t looking for a certain number of nurses, but rather for individuals who fit well with Nordik’s values.

Caroline Zrouki

Expanded role nurse

Your Nordik journey

Interested in Expanded Role Nursing?

Our training for extended role nursing is tailored to meet the unique challenges of the Great North. Nordik Premier Health offers a complete and personalized four-week preparation course for your mission, free of charge and based on the SOAP method.

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