The Nordik Premier Health extended role training, a must for the Great North

The extended role training

While in your current position you don’t have enough time to provide personalized care, you’ll find that practising nursing up north is quite different. In the Great North, you’ll find a much less rigid framework during which you can express who you are. It’s as if a host of new possibilities opens up to you. Every day, you’ll use your knowledge in various specialties. You’ll have plenty of time to do a complete assessment without being rushed. Beyond the usual protocols, collective prescriptions, and treatments, you’ll be able to listen and show more empathy. You’ll even have time to do preventive care!

A wide variety of assignments in different environments

Do you have a taste for adventure and a desire to explore another side of your practice? We offer a variety of assignments in community clinics, Community Health Centre Residential and long-term care centres and hospitals in the Great North. During a single stay, you could choose to perform an assignment in a hospital, and perhaps also in a community clinic in an extented role. Assignments vary in length and depend on your availability in remote areas, but generally last a minimum of two weeks in the Great North so that you’ll have enough time to immerse yourself in the Indigenous culture and way of life.

As there is little technological equipment available, you’ll be able to rely on more traditional diagnostic methods. All your nursing skills and experience will be put to good use. One thing is certain: by choosing an extended role assignment with Nordik Premier Health, you’ll exceed your limits and benefit from wonderful experiences. We make it a priority that each nurse has an enriching and unforgettable experience in the Great North! No matter what your specialty or level of experience, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any eventuality.


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