What awaits me after the Great North ?

Upon returning from the Great North, most nurses tell us that they’ve become better people – more human and empathetic. They’re naturally enthusiastic about this journey that has taught them to simply live in the present moment! Discover in broad terms how a trip to the North could change your life forever.

Understand the meaning of a job well done!

After a few weeks of practicing in Indigenous communities, you’ll have acquired an unparalleled body of knowledge and experience. You’ll have handled cases and challenges that will expand your clinical horizons and prompt you to redefine your skills as a health professional. You might have had the pleasure of helping a woman give birth, or have had the opportunity to perform medical procedures often only performed by doctors!

By pushing your limits you’ll feel that you’ve outdone yourself and have truly succeeded in helping people in great need. You’ll have a great sense of accomplishment and will be proud that you successfully met the challenge. This experience will re-ignite your love for nursing, knowing that you’re a professional dedicated to the common good.

See life differently, having been transported to another world !

Living in the tranquility and vastness of the Great North gives people an even greater desire for freedom. You’ll view life differently once you’ve seen endless sparkling snow, nature in its finest, the beauty of the fjords, and the Northern Lights. No doubt you’ll want to reconnect with nature, with newly-found sensitivity to the beauty of the flora and fauna – a bit like Alice wanting to to relive the experience of Wonderland!

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Meetings that forge new friendships

One of the important facets of life in the Great North is the authentic relationships developed there. During your journey, you’ll have built real ties with endearing natives. You’ll remember the happiness in the eyes of the children playing in the streets, the excitement of crowds watching baseball games, or maybe a patient who took your hand to sincerely thank you for having treated them.

In addition, your colleagues and roommates will have become real friends. You’ll want to stay in touch, recounting anecdotes and experiences you’ll have shared. It’s not uncommon to have forged friendships that will last a lifetime. And who knows if you’ll enjoy sharing a future trip down the road!

Endless and unforgettable memories to share

When you return, you’ll want to share with your loved ones the stories and photos of the people you have loved. You’ll relive your memories time and time again. You’ll explain to people that venturing to the Great North is like escaping to the chalet for a short stay, leaving behind the hassles of everyday life to live in the present moment and fully realize yourself.

You’ll also want to talk about how enriching and formative this nursing experience has been, encouraging your colleagues to join you on your next adventure with us! Because once you’ve had a taste of the Great North, you have only one desire: to go back …

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The ultimate experience of your health careers