Why choose us: Challenging, Rewarding & Flexible Nursing and Healthcare professional Jobs

Nordik Premier Health : the perfect ally to find employment in remote regions

Working in remote areas with the help of Nordik Premier Health means choosing a flexible lifestyle where all your skills are put to use. You will gain complete freedom and autonomy, and will even integrate communities rich in culture who need your help. It’s the perfect opportunity to combine professional achievement, personal growth and love of the outdoors!

All of the advantages of the private sector, without the drawbacks!

Our team consists of people who have already taken the plunge towards this adventure, which is why we attach a great deal of importance to working conditions favourable for a balanced life:

Work schedules known in advance

Flexible availabilities without obligations

Mandates of varying duration

Personalized support

To work with Nordik Premier Health means that your work, experience and skills will finally be recognized and appreciated. Your wellbeing is our priority because you’re worth it!

Our mantra: freedom and flexibility

We want competent and qualified nurses and health professionals to build a career that reflects their aspirations in territories in need. Flexible and obligation-free schedules makes time management simpler, allowing you to make the best of your personal and professional life.

Free and recognized training in extended role for working in the Canadian and Québécois North

Ready to take your career to the next level? Offered by seasoned instructors who are familiar with the area, our free extended role nurse training focuses on field experience to provide you with the right set of tools and skills to have a successful career in the North. To register, you must agree to respect a four-week mandate in the region of your choice.

Even better? You choose how often you want to take new contracts and where you want them to take you. That means that you can work with us as often as you want, but also switch to another employer or agency if you crave something new!

Case-by-case assistance

We will support you at every stage of the adventure, from applying to training, including your integration into your new community. Our assistance can make all the difference in the quality of your experience!

Preparation to Indigenous culture and life in the North

Indigeous culture and life in remote areas s different from that of urban centres in many ways. We will give you all the information to integrate the community perfectly.

Planning: Luggage and transport

From packing your suitcases to expecting the unexpected, we are there to assist you in all aspects of planning this great journey.

Lodging with fellow healthcare professionals

You’ll be living in furnished apartments where you’ll find everything for everyday life… and even friends!

Guidance and support at all time

You’ll never be left to yourself: Once there, we will give you time and guidance to adjust and become familiar with your new surroundings.

Ready for a change?

Nordik Premier Health accompanies you step by step throughout the adventure, and even beyond. Do you want to join a tight-knit family of healthcare professionals and push your limits? The Canadian North is calling your name!

Your Nordik journey