How To Qualify

Discover new horizons

Working in remote regions is a rewarding and challenging experience. You will become the face of healthcare for an entire community and provide it with essential care, which often differs from what is offered in urban areas.

Synergy between your human and professional skills is primordial, no matter the profession you choose: Extended role nurse in the Canadian north, health professional in remote regions (Hudson Bay, Nunavut, Northern Ontario, Northern Prairies, James Bay or Nunavik) Responsibilities can be taught, but passion, empathy and altruism must come from you!

Professional skills to work in remote areas

The Nordik identity

You’re independent, proactive and enjoy teamwork? You want to give a hand to communities in dire need of healthcare? Awesome: It’s you we’re looking for!

If you’re passionate, honest, empathic and do well under pressure, you have exactly what it takes to work with us. Even better if you’re motivated by the desire to travel and make cultural discoveries.

Qualifications to work as a nurse in the Canadian North

Some professional skills are required to be a nurse in the Great North of Canada: You must have at least 2 years of experience in critical care, a fair amount of professional curiosity, and proficiency in English and/or French (Quebec).

You will be asked to take charge of patients from the first encounter to recovery. therefore, you need to keep an open-mind and show autonomy, independence and initiative under all circumstances.

Required skills to work as a health professional in remote areas

It’s not mandatory to be a nurse to work in Canada’s remote areas: We’re also looking for other types of health professionals who have at least one year of experience in the health system.

No matter where exactly you chose to work in the north, though, you need a strong capacity for adaptation and must show yourself resourceful while anticipating change.

“It allows me to travel a lot, which I really enjoy. It allows me to combine business with pleasure. In the GreatNorth, everything is different, everything is new.”
― Caroline Zrouki, Extended role nurse

Ready for a new challenge?

Working in the Canadian North and other remote regions is a most rewarding adventure. Brighten up your daily life with a breath of fresh air and find your true calling somewhere you can make a difference!

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