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Nordik Premier Health Recruits Exceptional Health Professionals

Do you want to live a challenging experience that will push you to exceed your limits and develop your full potential? Do you want to broaden your field of practice? Do you have a thirst for adventure and freedom? Do you want to enjoy the great outdoors and hiking only five minutes away from your workplace? We are convinced that a job in the Great North with Nordik Premier Health will allow you to grow professionally and personally.

A Host of Opportunities

Becoming the ultimate health resource for a community is a serious endeavour. Once you take the plunge, you will experience a rewarding experience!

Take the Plunge!


L’infirmière est généralement formée en rôle élargie et travaille dans le Grand Nord Canadien ou en région. Une expérience d’au moins une année est primordiale.

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Travailleur social

Le Grand Nord et les régions regorgent d’opportunités pour le travailleur social, qui serait appelé à travailler sur divers mandats à durée variable.

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