Nursing in the Great North with Nordik Premier Health: Great advantages!

Working in the North for Nordik Premier Health combines tremendous autonomy and diversity while providing the freedom to choose your assignments, schedules and holidays. You’ll have the advantages of both worlds, discovering the splendours of the Great North and the endearing Indigenous, while benefiting from an excellent setting as an agency nurse. Do you have a passion for nursing and a sense of adventure ?

Determine the location and duration of your contracts !

As an agency, Nordik Premier Health can offer you various types of assignments in northern communities. You might work in Hudson Bay, Nunavut, Northern Ontario, Northern Prairies, James Bay or Nunavik. No matter where, you’ll be welcomed with open arms by the Indigenous – warm people with deeply human values. The duration of contracts is generally a minimum of four weeks. It’s not uncommon to see nurses choosing longer contracts in order to explore and visit different communities.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones

At first glance, a one- month contract may seem long, but you’ll quickly adapt to your new way of life. You’ll make friends and enjoy a whole new entourage of colleagues with whom you can share and exchange ideas and experiences. For those with families, you’ll be able to talk to your children on the phone every day. If the internet is available, Facetime and Skype will also be possible. Importantly, you’ll have time for yourself, while keeping in touch with your loved ones.

Choose Nordic paid or unpaid leave

Are you currently working in the public health network and are you tempted by the adventure of the Great North? You can request Nordic leave or unpaid leave from your health organization. So you can keep your seniority while having an unforgettable experience! As Nordik Premier Health is an agency, we can offer you contracts that coincide with your availability. This will allow you to plan your departure in advance. Our team can also offer you all the support you need to arrange your new adventure!

Choose your work environment!

At Nordik Premier Health, we offer many unique advantages compared to the public health network. As we are an agency, you’ll be able to choose and combine work environments as you wish: dispensaries, Community Health Centre, residential and long-term care centres and hospitals. This will provide you great freedom in choosing practice environments! In addition, with our very extensive extended role training, you’ll be able to handle any health situation. Your knowledge base will allow you to keeping developing professionally.

Manage your agenda as you wish

Another strong advantage is the ability to choose your vacation whenever you want. You’ll no longer be subject to seniority constraints as with the public network. Also, imagine being able to attend all the important events in your family and those around you, such as parties, weddings, baptisms, birthdays, graduations, and shows. By choosing your mandates according to your schedule and preferences, you’ll have all the latitude you’ll need! You’ll enjoy your new-found autonomy and will actually love going to work !

Take advantage of better compensation

In addition, your adventure in the Great North will provide you very advantageous wage conditions. Depending on the assignments you choose, you may be entitled to a wide range of attractive bonuses and hourly rates that greatly exceed those in the public sector. You’ll be able to amass a small nest egg to make your dreams come true !

Imagine for a moment being lucky enough to fly and receive accommodation for free to explore the wonders of nature and regions few tourists have the opportunity to visit. In summary, choosing to work in the Great North with Nordik Premier Health signifies the right direction for a unique and unforgettable adventure !

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