Our Hiring Process: Northern Recruitment

Want to be a nurse in the Canadian Great North north?

Are you seeking work as a health professional in the North? Would you like the flexibility to choose the location, length and frequency of your contracts? How about the freedom to balance your private and professional life properly? You’re in the right place!

You will find absolute support and a plethora of work opportunities for nurses and health professionals with Premier Soin Nordik. Our offers are always based on your profile, availability and criteria in order to match you with the position that best suits you.

Our process in 5 simple steps

Let’s get to know each other and help you discover new career opportunities in only five steps!

1. Submit your application

Fill out the form on our website, attach your resume and the first step is over! You’ll receive an email shortly to determine the best time for a phone call.

2. Speak with a recruiter

The first phone call is the perfect occasion to discuss the preferences indicated in your application form. We will also talk about your motivations and ask you some questions.

3. Meet the team

If the second step goes well, we will email you to start planning your adventure as a nurse or a health professional:

  • For the extended role nurse training or to work in the Québécois and Canadian North: a second 30-to-45-minute call will allow us to get to know you better and explain what’s next on your path to a new career.
  • For health professionals who want to work in other remote areas: You will receive all the details to finalize the hiring process and begin your journey with us.

4. Receive your first job offers

You can finally receive your first propositions. You determine the frequency, duration and location of your work mandates.

5. Last but not least: Time for adventure!

We help you plan transportation and accommodation, and integrate into your new community. Benefit from individual support based on your needs: we will be by your side at every step of your adventure!

Make the final leap!

The hardest choice is yet to come: what will it be, the Nunavut tundra, the Magdalen Islands coast or the Abitibi forest? Guess what: You could visit all of them, thanks to the diversity of the contracts we have to offer! What are you waiting for?