Discover aboriginal culture, a culture rich in traditions and rites

Many myths exist regarding Aboriginals, a bit like false beliefs. Once you arrive in the Far North, you’ll discover highly personable, generous people who will welcome you with open arms and who will be happy to share their cultural traditions with you.

Open-minded and caring people

Forget the urban legends about alcoholism, drugs and dangerous animals! Aboriginal people aren’t at all violent, but are kind, gentle and sociable. You’ll be amazed by their openness to others, and their desire to exchange ideas and get to know others.

Cultural traditions to discover

During your stay, you’re sure to be invited to their table to taste traditional dishes. You’ll taste your share of exotic game like caribou stew, for example. The local cuisine adapts to the seasonal products available. In addition, in some communities that use Facebook, the Aboriginals will share their delicious dishes for you to taste, some inspired by their traditions. This will help you become more familiar with Aboriginal culture.

When you visit your new friends in their home, they’ll want to show you their artistic creations, cultural objects and even native clothing. Aboriginal people are proud people who have adapted to life in the North by creating all kinds of objects that make their daily lives easier.

Understand that their traditions are very important to them. They’re passed down from generation to generation, as are their ancestral stories. Aboriginals have a great sense of humanity, deeply-held values, and tightly woven communities that reflect the belief in making the most of each day.

Life is slower in the North! Enjoy your life!

As soon as you arrive, you’ll be surprised to see that life is relatively slow in the Far North. Forget the whirlwind of the city, the traffic jams, the stress of picking up the kids from daycare or arriving late for events. In the North, you live in the moment and you’re reminded of real quality of life! You’ll have time to care of your patients, as well as time for yourself, to think, relax and enjoy your favourite activities. In short, you’ll have time to truly live.

This aspect of life in the northern regions is also reflected in the behaviour of the Aboriginal. You’ll feel relaxed in their company; they’ll confide in you about their health concerns; they’ll welcome you and invite you to their activities. It will be as if you were part of their community from the start!

Soak up Aboriginal culture before you leave

Do you want to learn more about Aboriginal culture before you leave? There are interpretive sites and museums dedicated to the heritage of indigenous people here in the South. For example, you can visit the Kitigan Zibi, an immersive experience in the Algonquin region in Maniwaki, in the Outaouais or even go to the Carrefour artistic de Wendake in the heart of Quebec City’s Huron village. In Sept-Îles, consider the Shaputuan Museum for a historic visit to the Innu. Closer to Montreal, at Mont Saint-Hilaire in the Montérégie region, there is also the Maison amérindienne, where you can taste Aboriginal-inspired cuisine.

Virtually all regions of Quebec, boast little-known places that will teach you more about various cultures and entice you to take a break for a few weeks to discover a new way of life. Why not theirs?

To discover Aboriginal culture in Quebec.

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