They share their experience

A strong family spirit unites Nordik’s nurses and health professionals. The bonds we form with them, as much as the ones they build within themselves, are a determining factor in the success of their experience. This is what the #IAMNORDIK attitude represents: pride, community spirit, mutual support and adventure!


When you work in the northern regions of Quebec and the rest of Canada, you combine the love of the great outdoors with the passion for helping others, the desire to play an essential role in the healthcare system, and the aspiration to provide quality care for communities in need. Sounds right up your alley? You can start saying #IAMNORDIK now!


Nordik Premier Health offers free training (including extended roles) to nurses and other health professionals who need a change of air and want to work in one of our many served regions. That’s what they call an offer that can’t be refused!


Working in the Great North was a big breath of fresh air. When I got back, my family saw how happy I was. You are excited to see your relatives and your close ones are happy to see you. They want you to tell them all about your stories. When I got back from my first mission, I was already planning the next one! Are you ready to get started ?

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