What Makes Nordik Different?

Way more than an employment agency

At Nordik Premier Health, we understand the desire to find your calling. We also understand the essential role that you will play in remote regions and the need for support at all times. That’s what determines our priorities: develop an honest relationship with you, provide you with the necessary support, and, above all, offer human and personalized support of unparalleled quality!

Experienced leadership

Our team members have worked in remote areas; they know the challenges involved. Our experience is what allows us to be prepared for the road ahead and provide you with work conditions we wish we would have had ourselves.

Ready to get started ?

Work conditions at your image

Free and recognized training

Work schedules known in advance

Mandates of varying duration

Flexible availabilities without obligations

Personalized support

Wide variety of workplaces


Working in the Great North means combining a love of the great outdoors with a passion to help others, a desire to fill essential health care positions and a desire to provide quality care in communities that need it most. Does it appeal to you? The #IAMNORDIK adventure is for you!

An agency with a vision

Our mission started in 2003 with the objective of providing communities in remote regions of Quebec with quality care. Over the years, we have extended our offer to other Canadian provinces in dire need, like Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario. And since we’re always trying to expand the diversity of our contracts and the reach of our help, we are hoping to serve Yukon and the Northwest Territories very soon!

Ready for adventure?

The perfect blend of expertise with attention to small details makes the perfect recipe for tailor-made support that can make your experience special.