Nordik Premier Health: Extended role training – a must in the Great North

Do you want to experience working in the Great North? One of the most recognized training environments is that of Nordik Premier Health. Our customized training is provided by a seasoned multidisciplinary team with more than 30 years of experience in the North! In addition, it’s offered free of charge in return for a preliminary four-week contract. By choosing Nordik Premier Health, you’ll be giving yourself the means to fulfill your professional aspirations!

Training for an extended role at Nordik Premier Health

At Nordik Premier Health, training in an extended role provides you all the skills necessary to be ready to deal with various problems in northern community healthcare clinics. No matter what your specialty or level of experience, you’ll be well-equipped to handle any eventuality.

What’s different with Nordik is that we offer you rewarding career opportunities, with extended role training at no charge, placing our experienced professionals at your disposal. The training schedule is from Monday to Thursday, primarily to give you the chance to work weekends. In addition, if you need help finding weekend placements, our affiliated agency, Placement Premier Soin, can fulfill your request. Our overall goal is to offer you the best possible conditions, starting with your preparation and our support.

A dynamic, proactive approach

We rely on the knowledge and experience of our team of trainers, as well as on the cooperative spirit of our participants, so that the training takes place in an ideal context. Forget CEGEP classrooms or university lecture halls: our learning method is above all lively, proactive, practice-based, visual, and tactile with practical exercises !

Specifically, you’ll find yourself in small groups with nurses, like you, who have made the transition to the private sector. You’ll be taking a refresher on modules concerning the systems of the human body, but above all to participate in workshops presenting real-life situations. Our training is updated weekly, taking into account our trainers’ experience in the field, as well as actual situations experienced by nurses.

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Personalized according to your skills and experience

Because not all nurses have the same background, our extended role training ensures that all participants have access to the same knowledge. Our trainers will take the time to assess your skills to determine their strengths and weaknesses, while taking into account all the specialties in which you have worked.

If you haven’t previously worked in obstetrics, pediatrics or mental health, for example, there’s no problem. We will personalize our training according to your needs so that when you find yourself in a challenging situation, you have the necessary knowledge to treat your patient.

Training given by a multidisciplinary team of experts

With more than 30 years of experience in the Great North, our multidisciplinary team of trainers is well-equipped to prepare you for your next clinic assignment. Our team of two nurses, a social worker and a retired midwife work synergistically to provide support. Deeply human, our mentors are distinguished by their ability to transmit their knowledge and experiences based on facts, on their daily lives in the North, and on problems encountered, without any limitations. You can challenge them – you’ll see!

Interestingly, most of our trainers continue to travel to care for Indigenous communities, making their training even more authentic. Who knows, maybe you’ll even come across them on your next trip !

In addition to our comprehensive training, once on-site, you can count on the unwavering support of our staff. At Nordik Premier Health, we make it a priority that each nurse has an enriching and unforgettable experience in the Great North !

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