Nordik Premier Health, the agency to choose for a mandate in the Great North!

At Nordik Premier Health, we’ve built our reputation by personally supporting each nurse who chooses to work in the Great North. By providing you very comprehensive extended role training, you’ll be prepared to face many challenges. As we get to know you, we’ll advise you on mandates that will match your skills and aptitudes. Take the leap and join us in this unique, patient-centric field of healthcare.

A wide variety of mandates

Do you have a taste for adventure and exploring another aspect of your practice? At Nordik Premier Health, we offer you various mandates in clinics, Community Health Centre, Residential and long-term care centres and even hospitals in the Great North. Our opportunities are of variable duration, but generally last four weeks, enough time to let yourself be immersed in Indigenous culture and way of life. Although a month may seem like a long time, most nurses tell us that these four weeks pass very quickly.

Close-knit relationships

First, imagine yourself flying to work! Unheard of for most of us. This exciting mode of work travel will take you to welcoming communities where you will live in boarding houses with your equally adventurous colleagues! Living with deeply dedicated people will lend itself to engaging conversations and relationships you’ll remember for a long time. This collegial and close-knit atmosphere will nourish your future friendships as you rediscover your deepest values. And who knows, maybe you’ll even make new friends who will change the course of your life.

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Reconnecting with yourself

In the whirlwind of everyday life, it’s difficult to find time to stop, think about yourself and have fun. Sometimes, we’re so disconnected that we don’t even know who we are, what we want and what we aspire to in life. In the North, as life is slower, you’ll have time to get to know yourself better and reconnect with who you truly are. Among other things, you’ll be able to stop and reflect, or devote yourself to your favourite hobbies.

Make way for leisure and the outdoors!

In terms of hobbies, why not re-awaken your passions or indulge the activities you’ve always postponed? You’ll be able to read that book on your bedside table, try new recipes, discover old films to satisfy your cinephile side, or even express your artistic side. You’ll also have time to study if you want to improve your knowledge in one area or another. In short, whatever your interests are, you’ll have your fill of new experiences and professional enhancement!

As for lovers of the outdoors, the possibilities are limitless! You can jog, hike in the forest, paddle a canoe, or participate in many other activities. Dressed well, you can enjoy all that the Great North has to offer, including the splendor of its lakes and rivers and the lushness of its fauna and flora.

A typical day in the North

Forget traffic jams – there, everything is done on foot. You are always within three minutes’ walking distance from work, groceries and other essential services. Unlike in the city, as you walk down the street people will take the time to greet you and speak to you. You’ll quickly be recognized by people in the community. After a few hours spent caring for your patients, you’ll reconnect with your colleagues or roommates for dinner at home. You’ll want to discuss your work experiences, exchanging valuable tips and advice.

The power to change lives

When you return to work, you’ll say that you’re fortunate to have chosen Nordik Premier Health, because you see your skills evolving day by day. You’ll smile when you realize you finally have time to devote to your passions. As if that weren’t enough, you’ll finally feel at home in your community of warm and caring people. You’ll have a genuine sense of personal and professional accomplishment !

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