We are a canadian nursing agency
for the Great North based in Montreal

Reputation of excellence

Since its creation in 2003 by and for experienced nurses, Nordik Premier Health has been devoted to creating work conditions that fulfill your aspirations. Our mission is to offer and support health professionals that are ready to move to a higher level of expertise.

As one of the leading healthcare staffing agencies for professionals in Quebec, we provide a great number of diverse employment opportunities, including activities in many Canadian provinces. Our long-term goal is to serve all territories in dire need with limited access to quality health care.

Our vision

We founded our employment agency for two reasons:

  • Healthcare professionals everywhere are undervalued and underappreciated.
  • Remote areas are in dire need of healthcare services.

This is an opportunity for health professionals to finally be recognized for the essential work they do, while helping remote regions to gain access to quality health care. We want to be an employer with whom you wish to exchange and collaborate; to be the person you call for support and advice. We also want to be the go-to employer for remote regions in need of qualified and passionate professionals. Our vision is simple: We hold the well-being of communities and employed professionals close to heart!

Our mission and Values

Our mission is to accompany you step by step in the great adventure of working in the northern regions of Canada. We understand the challenges that come with a project of this size and want you to find the perfect balance between your professional and personal life. There’s a reason why our buzzwords are freedom and flexibility!


Treat everyone with the importance they deserve.


Act with a professional conscience.


Provide care with compassion, humanism, and professionalism.


Give the best possible service to our employees and customers..

The culture of our nurse staffing agency

It’s simple: We think health professionals are gems, and we treat them as such. It is important for us to learn about you and understand your aspirations and professional goals. This way, we can find mandates that fit your profile and help you progress in your career.

We allow you the freedom to choose your work schedule, place and frequency. Why? Because, in the end, we want to give you the power to decide which conditions will highlight your competence the most!

Our Promise

Our promise is to support you through every step of the way in this great adventure to make sure it fulfills your needs and suits your particular situation. To help you make choices that will lead you to the professional and personal life you’ve always wanted. To be there when you need us, always./p>