Working and living in the Great North and forget about boredom!

Do you have a taste for adventure, but are you a bit afraid of being away from your family, loved ones and friends? On a human level, the Great North promises surprising encounters that will impact your life! On an individual level, you’ll have a multitude of outdoor activities to choose from, and the time to exercise and devote yourself to your leisure activities without the stressful life of the city.

A busy social life!

In the North, you’re never alone unless you want to be. When you arrive, you’ll settle into accommodations with other health professionals, such as nurses, doctors and dentists. This presents a unique opportunity to meet people like yourself who have a taste for adventure – interesting people with whom you’ll make connections very quickly.

As you’re all in the same situation, you’ll want to share your daily life, learn about the lives of others, congregate over dinner, and perhaps enjoy watching movies or playing board games. Much like roommates at college or university, you’ll create true friendships you’ll remember throughout your entire life!

Long live the outdoors!

Even if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast in everyday life, the beauty of nature will make you want to venture outside! Once well dressed, you’ll want to explore the vastness that surrounds you. Imagine walking on a frozen lake on snowshoes, seeing majestic fjords, discovering the famous tundra, and marvelling at your first aurora borealis!

Among other things, in summer you can take advantage of the rivers and other waterways, masterfully sculpted by glaciers, in a paddle boat, kayak or canoe, while discovering the richness of the flora and fauna – or even daydreaming and reading on the beaches. The Great North will allow you to better understand and appreciate the infinite beauty of nature!

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The snowmobile, “pickup” and 4 wheels at the rendezvous!

To fully experience the adventure of the Great North, the Indigenous will offer you rides on snowmobiles, vans or 4 wheelers. What could be better than crisscrossing obscure roads to discover the area’s prized places. You can seize the opportunity to learn more about your hosts’ customs and traditions! And if you want to spoil your guides, bring a small picnic to share or a gift brought from the South. They’ll be thrilled!

Make way for sport !

You may not know this, but many nurses take advantage of their stay in the North to maintain their fitness or get back in shape. While some communities have gyms or indoor pools, the fact remains that walking and jogging are sports par excellence! Are you more of a couch potato? Take the opportunity to support the local hockey, baseball or volleyball teams! The Indigenous are very competitive but have good sportsmanship. Fun guaranteed!

Holidays create unforgettable moments

If you’re lucky enough to have your trip to the North coincide with a holiday, such as Christmas or New Year’s Day, you’ll be swept away into a whole new world of cultural traditions. There will be all kinds of games, stories and traditional dishes that will create unforgettable memories. In certain communities, at Christmas time, the Indigenous do things differently to amuse and surprise the children. The candies literally fall from the sky! The famous “candy drop” consists of an airplane flying at low altitude from which candies are launched to the delight of children!

You won’t be bored in the Great North! Once you’re back home in the South, life will seem plain and ordinary. Leave behind the subway, work, sleep and your daily routine to live an adventure that will satisfy you on a deeply personal level!

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