How to prepare for an adventure in the Great North ?

Maybe you’ve finished thinking about it and are now ready to start your road trip or journey by plane to the Great North. At Nordik Premier Health, we want to help you properly prepare your luggage so that you’re ready for all the challenges of life in Nordic countries! So here are some tips and advice on the essentials to remember so that you can fully enjoy your new lifestyle!

Almost unlimited luggage capacity in cars

If you have to take to the road to seek out this new experience, you can bring almost anything you want with you! Think about the activities or hobbies you’ll want to do in the North. The only limit is your imagination! Keep in mind your car’s luggage capacity, of course.

If you love good food, bring along some gourmet products – You’ll be all the rage with your roommates! Do you feeling like going canoeing, cross-country skiing or hiking? Make sure you bring your own equipment with you! Also, remember to bring surprises for the kids, such as candy, that will delight them all! In short, even packing your luggage will be exciting! The natural beauty of the North is breathtaking!

Air baggage limit

For those fortunate enough to have the experience of travelling by plane, remember that the baggage limit for carriers in the North. Airlines allow 20 kg of luggage in James Bay and 30 kg in Nunavik. So keep your personal belongings to the bare minimum. In any case, people always take too much with them when travelling!

As your trainer will point out, the key is to wear as much clothing as possible. Think of layering: a camisole, t-shirt, long-sleeved sweater, warm sweater, snowsuit, heavy boots, etc. Even though it’s summer in the South of Canada, you’ll see other “weirdos” like you at the airport! Don’t be embarrassed. It’s better to be dressed properly for the cold temperatures in the Great North!

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Make the most of the adventure by being well dressed!

First, look for technical clothing, which is light, breathable and very trendy. Don’t hesitate to consult the experts in Quebec’s many outdoor stores including Sail, Décathatlon, Atmosphere, Sportium, MEC and Sports Experts. For its part, Toronto boasts Arc’teryx, Patagonia and Salomon. If you’re well-dressed, you’ll be happy to venture outside to enjoy the vast beauty of the Great North!

Well-equipped apartments

You’ll be staying in well-appointed apartments featuring all the amenities you’ll need: coffee machine, microwave, stove, toaster, TV, and washer-dryer. So you don’t need to bring your small appliances with you! You’ll enjoy cooking together and sharing activities like board games, and watching TV or movies while snacking on popcorn! The same things you love doing at home!

Food from grocery stores in the North

Although the cost of food in the North is much higher than in the South, in addition to your salary you’ll be receiving financial compensation (a per diem) to help you adjust to the cost of living. You’ll find all the basics you need in the grocery stores, such as fruits, vegetables, meat, and dairy products. And you’ll love using all of Ricardo recipes! Also, a lot of prepared, frozen foods are available if cooking isn’t your thing. Naturally, you’ll want to reduce your waste and conserve resources.

Leave room for projects, study time and leisure!

Consider starting a new project or that hobby you’ve always wanted to try, and pack accordingly. Some people discover the pleasure of knitting, painting, yoga, astronomy, reading and even studying. You can also pre-download TV series and movies you want to watch. In the North, you’ll have time to recharge your batteries and devote yourself to your personal well-being!

Rest assured that our team of trainers will be able to answer all your questions and provide you tips to properly prepare your luggage! You can count on the full support of Nordik Premier Health!

* Some destinations are not accessible by car or ground transportation.

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