What does nursing look like in the Great North ?

Working as a nurse in the Great North means having the freedom to choose your mandates. Do you want to work in an extended role? It’s possible with Nordik Premier Health, thanks to our personalized four-week training! Do you prefer to start your practice in a clinic, Community Health Centre or hospital? It’s possible with us. Whatever your professional aspirations, there is a place for you in the North!

A warm welcome

When you arrive, whatever the practice environment you choose, you’ll be greeted warmly by our staff. Your nursing skills will be highly valued by the people of the North. You’ll have the opportunity to truly make a real difference by lending a hand to healthcare teams, helping to reduce their workload while improving patient care in a practical way.

Have time to treat, teach and prevent

If you lack the time to provide personalized care in your current nursing environment, you’ll find that the situation in the North is very different.

Imagine for a moment that you’re greeting your patient in a waiting room with a calm and relaxed atmosphere. You’ll have all the time needed to do a complete assessment without being rushed. This is the ideal professional setting, beyond protocols, prescriptions and treatments. You’ll be able to listen and be more empathetic. You’ll prepare the required medication, providing your patient all the necessary dosing information. Again, you’ll have time to answer all of their questions. Without realizing it, you’ll be building trusting relationships with your patients and the entire community.

A few days later, you’ll follow up with your patient to make sure their condition is improving. You’ll have time to focus on prevention and education to prevent the recurrence of illness. It’s a bit like going back to the basics of what you’ve been taught in school: Focus on prevention to avoid illnesses and their complications!

The various workplaces of the Great North

In the Great North, there are clinics, CHCs and hospitals that need your extended nursing skills. At Nordik Premier Health, we can offer you work in these settings; what’s more, you can even work at several facilities within the same trip. In addition to enjoying a non-routine practice, as you are part of an agency you’ll have the opportunity to choose your mandates. In short, we offer the best opportunity for an unforgettable experience!

Practice in an extended role to increase your skills !

Have you heard of extended role practice? At Nordik Premier Health, we have numerous mandates in Indigenous community nursing practice in the Great North. You’ll be able to take advantage of our training in an extended role to increase your knowledge and push the limits of your practice. Over the years, many nurses from the agency have had the opportunity to deliver babies, among other things. In fact, some of our courses are given by a highly experienced midwife.

You’ll be exposed to a multitude of cases in very different specialties. As there is little technological equipment available, you’ll be relying on more traditional diagnostic methods. All of your skills and nursing experience will be put to use.

While an extended role practice primarily attracts adventurous nurses, you won’t be left on your own or “parachuted into the jungle” to practice “bush medicine”. If doctors aren’t on-site, you’ll have phone access to them at all times.

Choosing to work at Nordik Premier Health in an extended role practice will allow you to push your limits while benefiting from new experiences. Rewarding and enriching work awaits you!

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