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Since its creation in 2003 by and for experienced nurses,  Nordik Premier Health has been devoted to creating work conditions that fulfill your aspirations. Our placement agency offers support, understanding and guidance for health care professionals who are seeking a higher level of expertise.


Pursue a job you are passionate about

Our requests for Northern hospitals allows you to continue the job you love while experiencing a greater work/life balance. Our hospital adventures are ideal for both Registered Nurse’s & Registered Practical Nurse looking for a change of scenery or for those who want to expand their current skill set.


We take you where you want to go

Breathtaking landscapes, an intimate connection with nature, fascinating cultures and communities: Nordik’s served territories have even more to offer. You will find unique and exciting nursing jobs where your presence will make a big difference. Consult the interactive map to see specific locations and available offers.

Why Choose Us

Are you ready for your next great challenge ?

Since 2003,  Nordik Premier Health has been devoted to creating work conditions that fulfill your aspirations. All of the advantages of the private sector, without the drawbacks!

Create your own schedule!

Flexible and obligation-free schedules makes time management simpler, allowing you to make the best of your personal and professional life.

Choose Your Mandates

Choose from a variety of mandates specifically selected to match your profile and your desires.


With deserved territories across Canada, explore the places you’ve always wanted to discover while working.

Benefit From Constant Support

Benefit from the constant support of a team that has lived the experience and understands your situation.

Discover Indigenous culture

If you’re craving the idea of mingling with small communities that are way off the tourist path, where family spirit and breathtaking landscapes are king and queen, Ontario is the right destination for you ! Apply for a unique and exciting nursing job.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join Nordik? What makes you different?

Our large family is exclusively specialized in the Great North. We don’t do anything else, and we have a deep understanding of these mandates’ reality. We will help you find the mission best suited to your needs, prepare you for your departure, support you during your first steps in remote areas and receive your photos! We’ve been working in the North since 2012. Our Nordik Experience Director is a nurse and has worked all over the North. We will be there for you every step of the way!

I do not have a license in Ontario or Manitoba. Is my license from another province sufficient to apply?

You will need to apply for a license equivalency from the Province of Ontario or Manitoba. We can help you do this; it’s simpler than it sounds!

How long do mandates last?

Missions generally last from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the community’s remoteness.

Who takes care of logistics and accommodations?

Our dispatch team takes care of your transportation and accommodations. All you have to do is pack your suitcase and your professional equipment, and we will take care of the rest.

Ready to Get Started?

Do you want to feel understood and supported, live an adventure and benefit from more flexible mandates and greater freedom? Start a career that reflects your aspirations today!